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character controller feels really slippery, i assume this isn't wall jumping because I can jump infinitely whenever

hitting the roof seems to think your on the floor?

used 3k mb of ram (I have 32gb of 3600 mhz ram) and windows crashed it when I tried rescaling it because it tried to address memory that didn't exist (you should prob add a range on that because that could be dangerous)

volume has no max

slider doesnt scale at the same rate as mouse movement so moving a bit makes it scale a lot (over scaling)

Works out of the box on linux using Wine!


Yeah there’s a real problem here with memory usage lmao. extreme slowdowns on my old laptop too


I can actually play it this time so big improvement

It works on a Parallels virtual machine running windows 11 (arm) on a M1 MacBook air. Good job, I didn't expect it to work.

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It works for me (Ryzen 5 2600, RTX 3070, Win10), good job :)

(but yeah, for such a simple thing, the memory usage is pretty high)


It works. It has some issues that others have already pointed out. The biggest one is certainly the amount of RAM that the game consumes


I'm still having the same issue as "Don't cold", the anvil.exe program is not starting in Windows 10 (64-bit) with no error message.

I looked in Event Viewer and found this log, though I don't know if it contains any useful information:

Faulting application name: anvil.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x634b85cc
Faulting module name: telescope_core.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x634b8252
Exception code: 0xc000001d
Fault offset: 0x000000000000a04c
Faulting process id: 0x2f8c
Faulting application start time: 0x01d8e20de7aafa19
Faulting application path: C:\Users\Main User\Downloads\Backbone 1.0.0\Backbone 1.0.0\Backbone 1.0.0\anvil.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Users\Main User\Downloads\Backbone 1.0.0\Backbone 1.0.0\Backbone 1.0.0\telescope_core.dll
Report Id: 61bb8198-2ebe-4279-9192-065310bd7427
Faulting package full name: 
Faulting package-relative application ID:

The tech demo looks nice, but I found a bug in being able to set the volume slider way past the maximum amount. Also, no limit to jumping, or detection to see if you are touching a wall or ground, feels odd but may be intentional. Other than that, good tech demo, I hope to see those pixels in the next games!

Looks like everything works except the volume slider in the settings, scaling the pyramid works and theres no problem with that slider. Particles and walljumping seems to work pretty smoothly. I also can reproduce a crash if holding a button while resizing the window, otherwise scaling seems to be pretty smooth.


If you try to minimize window while holding any key the game crashes 0_o.  Also why such a small game uses 1gb of Ram (1292mb to be precise)?

this made my smooth brain real entertained, i just spent 20 mins staring at a rotating triangle. gg mcrando, gg.


Nice and clean! Not sure if intentional, but holding space turns it into a rocket. :)

no cap on volume setting: can drag it out into infinity


resizing the window to less than the character's height causes him to disappear from the screen


I love how many stupid ways we try and break these games xD


Just with a simple character controller. You can just feel the difference in the movement/physics that would be hard to achieve in a premade engine. I think I am starting to understand why you would want to make everything from scratch.


Spinning pixel art line rendered triangle make monke brain happy


im just wondering, will the character controller be updated? it feels... too fast and is too slippery, and the jump gives little to no control. the line rendering is cool but isn't it just a few polygons being rendered at a lower res? 

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Nice one! Does work on Linux via wine

Edit: Line rendering does not work at the moment


When pressing shift the player input is ignored, meaning you can slide by holding shift + a or d then letting go. Not sure if it is intentional.

The pixel render is looking sick my friend.


I was gonna put that as well but u got it. Similar effect when game is minimized while moving

Good work on the infrastructure Rando!

I like how the particles still move in the background while the game is paused. (likely how they’re part of the main window as well when booting)

Not sure if intended, the resize function is still operational in the pause menu. Let’s call it a feature.